Pacific Asia Curling Championships 2012

Maniototo Curling International, Naseby​​​​​​​17 - 25 November 2012


Round Robin


5New Zealand
5Chinese Taipei
6New Zealand

Q = Qualified for semi-finals

Double Gold for China at Pacific-Asia Champs

25 Nov 2012 – It was China's day at the finals of the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships in Naseby today. Their defending champions in the men's and women's competitions both won their gold medal matches.

Women's silver went to Japan, and the young Korean side took the bronze medal. Japan were also the men's silver medalists, while Australia won the bronze medal match.


There was never more than a point between Japan and China in the first half of the women's final. Satsuke Fujisawa for Japan made the shot of the game in the fifth end, coming around a guard with her last stone and executing a perfect triple run-back to sit on the button, score one, and level the scores at 3-3.

The game turned just one end later. An attempted tap-back by Japan was just wide, leaving China a straight hit to take four. When they made another three points in the eighth end the teams shook hands at 10-4, and China had successfully defended their Pacific-Asia title.

China's skip Bingyu Wang said after the match, "It's great to win gold one more time. It was a very important win for us because at the last World Championship, we didn't play well. I think we needed a win to get our confidence back and we have done that here by winning the gold medal."

Japanese skip Satsuke Fujisawa was not too downbeat. "We are still very happy that Japan has qualified for the World Women's Curling Championship next year," she said. "But we would have liked a closer game today. We will need to improve our strategy and tactics to beat the experienced teams like China, they played very well."

When asked what was ahead for her side she replied, "At home, there will be a World Championship trial with the Japan National Championship. The winner of that will be the team that goes to Latvia so we have to play very well."

A pair of two-point ends helped Korea establish control early in the bronze medal match, and they led Australia 5-1 at the fifth end break. Australia didn't give up, scoring one in the sixth end and stealing the next. It was game over in the eighth end though when Korea hit for four and handshakes were offered by the Australians, Korea winning the bronze medal 9-3.

Afterward, Korea skip Eun-Jung Kim said, "We're very proud to have won bronze but our first goal was to go to the World Championship so we are disappointed. To be ready for next year I think we need to play more games, practice hard and we will get better."


Skip Yusuke Morozumi kept his Japan side in the final against China early in the game. He made a triple takeout and then a double takeout in the second end when his opponents were looking to build a big score. The Chinese took their single, stole the next, and led throughout the rest of the match.

The ice had straightened on the sheet being used for the final, limiting the options open to the curlers. Two points to China in the seventh end extended their lead, and when they stole again in the ninth Japan offered handshakes, and Riu Lui's Chinese side had a 6-2 victory.

Afterward skip Rui Liu said, "We are very happy to have won gold and we are very excited to be going to the World Championship again next year. We were not bad today but not as good as some of the other games we played this week. Japan played very well, they just didn't make some key shots."

Japanese skip Yusuke Morozumi commented, "We are still very pleased that Japan has qualified for the World Championship next year, but are a little disappointed that we did not play up to our usual standard today. We know we can play better, but it was not our day today."

In the bronze medal game, early pressure from Australia was rewarded when they forced a mistake from Korea in the first end. The final draw from Korea clipped a guard and Australia stole three. The scores were level by the third end, but Australia went ahead by two in the next and looked to have control. Korea needed to steal three in the final end to win, and as Australian fourth Sean Hall lined up the last stone of the match that was precisely what he faced. However, he made a spectacular triple takeout to score one and win the bronze medal match 10-7.

Australian skip Hugh Millikan was pleased to end the week on a high. "We've been in the bronze game a few times before and sometimes we've come up short," he said. "We've had a great game against Korea, they played very well and it's nice to finish the week off with a win."

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