NZ at Winter Games NZ – Mixed Doubles

Year VenuePos W‑L NZ Teams
2011Naseby, NZ 37-4Bridget Becker and Sean Becker
2013Naseby, NZ 25-3Bridget Becker and Sean Becker
44-4Natalie Thurlow and Hans Frauenlob
2015Naseby, NZ 63-3Bridget Becker and Scott Becker
72-4Eleanor Adviento and Brett Sargon
2017Naseby, NZ 103-4Bridget Becker and Scott Becker
142-5Jessica Smith and Ben Smith
151-6Eleanor Adviento and Brett Sargon
2018Naseby, NZ 53-3Bridget Becker and Sean Becker
92-4Thivya Jeyaranjan and Brett Sargon
121-5Holly Thompson and Anton Hood
2019Naseby, NZ 54-2Holly Thompson and Anton Hood
91-4Jess Smith and Ben Smith
110-5Courtney Smith and Hamish Walker