Bonspiel at Idaburn Dam, 2010 -  Photographer:  Janyne Fletcher

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NZ Curling Selection Information

If you are interested in representing New Zealand on the International stage for curling, you will find some useful information below. Click on the + for more details about each step. Click on each button under each step to take you to the corresponding documentation.  Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the NZCA Selection Policy, 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the NZCA Secretary.

Selection Process




​​​​​​​NZ Curling Selection Committee

The NZ Curling Selection Committee will be confirmed after the May NZCA Executive Meeting.

The Selection Committee for the 2023 season was...

  • Convenor of Selections – Richard Morgan
  •    National Coaching Coordinator - Peter Becker
  •    National Junior Coach – Nelson Ede
  •    Patsy Inder
  •    Dave Watt
  •    Bridget Becker
  •    Mhairi-Bronté Duncan
  •    Eleanor Adviento

NZ Curling Coaches - 2023 season

  • National Coaching Coordinator - Peter Becker 
  • National Junior Coaching Coordinator  – Nelson Ede
  • Mental Strengthening Coach - Carol Goodlass

NZ Women's Team

  • Coach - Sean Becker
  • Assistant Coach - Nelson Ede

NZ Men's Team

  • Coach - Peter de Boer
  • Assistant Coach and Manager - Warren Dobson (Dobbie)

NZ Junior Teams

  • Junior Women’s Coach  - Mhairi-Bronté Duncan
  • Junior Men's Coach - Nelson Ede, supported by Peter Becker
  • NZ Curling Youth Olympic Games Coach – Bridget Becker